Who is Señora Sollenberger? I am a native Spanish speaker, from Colombia. I have not only lived in Colombia for about 20 years, but also in different cities in México and the United States. Having that opportunity gave me a big sense of cultures and how important is to bring them inside the classroom. I have been teaching since I was in high school and I am very passionate about teaching, especially about Spanish. I am a member of the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association. In 2017 I got two master degrees. One Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and a second Masters in Linguistics as Applied to the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language. On a personal note, I enjoy spending time playing games with my family; my husband Andy and our two children Jacob and Sofia. I love reading, walking, drawing, and painting.

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marsol@bhasd.org 610-682-5102 (ext 2169)

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